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Got a request?   All about Bruno Mars and Hooligans:)

ECHOSEI (finally) meets BRUNO MARS: The FULL story lmao →



Let’s start with,

Bruno Mars is hosting an exclusive club party here in Manila this March 21, 2014 and tickets can only be attained through winning viber philippine’s promo. Luckily the promo was for groups of five and our group was one of the many winners.


omfg i’m so happy for you

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the whomp gives mE LIFE

the whomp gives mE LIFE

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ngl he is fantabulous but i want him to bring six times back, just oNCE AT LEAST

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Me asking my parents for money

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Bruno on the X Factor doing Runaway Baby last year. Sexy men in red!

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I hate when girls intentionally bend down in pictures so that their boobs hang out.

Sweetheart, if I wanted to see a pair of boobs I would have looked down my own top. put them away, k thanks.

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